Great Return Without the Property Management Headaches!

Carolina Turnkey Properties does the work for you! We purchase, renovate, lease & manage. You get the rewards without the risk with our 2 year investment guarantee.
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Turnkey Real Estate

Carolina Turnkey Properties offers a real estate Investment opportunity in North Carolina that is truly TURNKEY!!  Carolina Turnkey Properties will:

  1. Purchase a house
  2. Renovate the house
  3. Find a qualified resident
  4. Put our expert property management in place

If you like the reliable return on investment (ROI) that real estate provides in your portfolio but do not want to deal with all the hassles, let Carolina Turnkey Properties do it all for you.

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Why Invest in Raleigh?

Raleigh, North Carolina, has received numerous accolades over the years as the best place to live and work. It is a vibrant community with great investment opportunity.

At Carolina Turnkey Properties, your positive cash flow begins the day you buy your first Raleigh house. Typically, our investors earn 9% to 15% cash on cash return from the comfort of their favorite couch.

This entire process is always funded 100% by Carolina Turnkey Properties. We are the principals/owners of all the properties we offer for sale.  Therefore, all the initial risk of the purchase price, rehab costs, and marketing costs to find a great resident at market rent is all on us!! Plus, we typically offer our turnkey investments below market value to you.

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Property Management

Carolina Turnkey Properties is run by Mike Conlon and Chris Barry, and includes a team of property managers, lenders, attorneys, insurance agents, and inspectors who will make this process easy for you.

Mike Conlon is the Main Street Millionaire and author of Unconventional Wealth:  Creating the New Main Street Millionaires. Mike is an entrepreneur who prospered by providing quality, affordable services to America’s largest and fastest growing consumer group.

Chris Barry manages the operations of their current portfolio of real estate, which consists of nearly 1,000 units. Together, Mike and Chris have made millions on their portfolio of investments and would like to share how they became successful.

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